Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Kept Our Kitchen Clean And Our Dreaming Quiet

I remember (probably in one of my psychology classes) reading that you can predict a nervous breakdown by looking at outside factors and which apply to you. Each event was given a certain score--from something like having a cold all the way to dealing with the loss of a loved one. I don't remember the scores but I know that starting a new job and selling your home both carried high scores. If we are to believe that scale then instead of going to work tomorrow I think I will just check in to the nearest psychiatric ward.

I love when you spend all day (your only day off in the last 8) cleaning your home only to have the people who requested a showing spend 3 minutes marching through your house, judging everything, leaving and never making any kind of offer. I love having our house on the market.

But we march on. Cd is coming along nicely. We are looking at our options for mastering of the final product as well as trying to find artwork for the project. The release date for the CD is set at the first week of March. Keep an eye out for that, it's going to be awesome, trust me.

peace and love

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