Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Felt Really Good This Day, Yes

Breakthrough on the Cd front: we may have found someone to master the album at no cost to us!! This is huge as we were looking at the possibility of paying a couple hundred dollars to get the thing mastered. More news on that if it goes through.

So my son has scarlet fever!?! Isn't that an Oregon Trail sickness? Who gets scarlet fever these days? Funny thing is, I think he is more upset that he can't play his Wii then the fact that he is super sick. Antibiotics are kicking in and he is turning the corner so that is good news.

Now that we have a lead on getting the Cd mastered we move on to album artwork. Anyone out there reading this willing to submit a cover design? We only ask that it be the coolest thing ever.

Listening to a ton of Castanets in the last few days. Ray Raposa's music always takes awhile to get into, but once it hits, you are left with some of the most beautiful and affecting music being made. Check out his new album "Texas Rose, The Thaw & The Beasts".

We have close to 20 amazing artists willing to donate a song to our compilation and beginning next week we are going to preview each artist.

on joyful wings

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