Friday, February 12, 2010

Hope Is Grief's Best Music

Why do a charity album? I was given many reasons not to undertake this process; people won't buy it, all your work will be unappreciated and undiscovered, you won't get anything out of this. True, I am not getting anything out of this.

I was golfing with my father, cousin and uncle when we got the call that my grandma was sent home from the hospital with a week to live. I knew this day was coming but was not prepared for how hard it would be. We drove the 3 hours home and went straight to my grandparents house, I stayed in the garage out of fear--I don't think anyone knew I was missing except my grandfather. I was trying to hide my sadness, he came into the garage, hugged me harder than I have ever been hugged then said something I will never forget. It's okay to cry, I cry every night, but you need to go in there now and be with her. I cried.

Sometimes I look at my kids and think of my grandma and how much fun she would have with them and how much they missed out not knowing her. Maybe this album, or more accurately the work that is being put into this album, as well as all the work done every year to raise money for breast cancer research, will show my kids just how loved Phyllis Slagter was and keep her memory alive forevermore.

Grandma, I miss you.

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