Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Were Lost, We Were Free

The album is officially 'on the shelf', so to speak. If you click on the 'Add To Cart' button in the upper right corner of this page you will be taken to a page to donate your $5 (or more if you wish). Remember, everything you give goes directly to fund breast cancer research.

After your payment goes thru make sure to click on the 'complete your purchase' option, which takes you to a link to download the album. If you have any troubles please send us an email and we can clear everything up. Thanks in advance for helping the fight. Enjoy the music. Support the artists. Keep checking back for info on next year's release.

In conclusion, here's a poem that served as inspiration for this year's release:

The fields were empty
as we took hold of the grace that awaited us
the rain formed around our heads
and decided not to fall
all the chances we had
nodded and went to bed
i took my hat off and left it by the stream
"unless we return here, i won't need to hide"
the others took my advice
and we shed our clothes
we travelled for years
to find, to remember
the peace we once embraced
and together we screamed
we were lost
we were free.
~Nick Verburg

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