Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ode To New Grass

All the songs are in, the track list is set, the artwork is done, the Cd is being mixed/mastered, and the sun is shining. It's amazing how much we worry about everything only to have it all work out even better than we could have planned.

People have been asking about the title of this project. On Joyful Wings is the title to a hymn by Fanny J Crosby. Though I was unfamiliar with this song, from "To God Be The Glory" to "Blessed Assurance", Ms Crosby has always been my favorite hymnist. There is a verse in this song which is just beautiful, and I believe it speaks to anyone struggling, not just with breast cancer but with anything, and that is why I chose On Joyful Wings as the title of our charity albums.

O Blessed hope that bears us up,
And stills each throb of care!
The night will pass, the morn will come,
And we shall soon be there.

~Fanny J Crosby

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