Friday, August 20, 2010

Raise Your Hands!

To my unexpected amazement, joy, etc I woke to find that Sufjan put out a new ep today. At the moment you can download this amazing [I've listened, it is amazing] ep on bandcamp. Includes a studio version of All Delighted People which you saw him perform on his writer's showcase tour last year; also included are 6 new songs. Worth the wait. Raise your hands!

Regarding the Seven Swans project we are working on, all songs are spoken for, some are even recorded. Right now, we have a tentative release date of March 15, 2011 but hopefully we can get this thing out even earlier. We also are looking at options to release a vinyl and Cd version so long as we can come up with the money down.

Beginning next week Tuesday, we will be revealing the tracklisting for this project. Starting with All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands on August 31 and continuing through the b-side Borderline, we will feature one track each week along with a look at the artist covering said track. Stay tuned for that.

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